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Our Groundings:
One of the goals of Rocky Arts Unfolded is to enable the struggling artist to have a secure “Rock” of achievement upon which a sturdy foundation can be built to weather life’s storms and the challenges that come from entrepreneurship. Part of this philosophy is that everyone is shaped in his or her own way like a rock by his or her own unique products and experiences. That rock may have been shaped into something rough or something smooth; it may display grays or blacks or whites or a broad array of vibrant colors. But, no matter what, each person’s rock is his or her core, and each person’s rock is unique.

A college portrait of Lisa in front of a boulder and ocean waterMy name is Lisa B. Corfman, and like everyone, I too, have a rock. My rock is my sole proprietorship, Rocky Arts Unfolded, and like all rocks, it too, has been shaped by many of my own personal life experiences and the products and services my business has to offer.

For me, the story of my life began with my birth, but for Rocky Arts Unfolded, the story of its life began with my undergraduate years at Endicott College, and the many positive influences from educators and organized events that I was exposed to during that time.

Professors Tali Silver and Barbara Burgess-Maier, Dean Mark Towner, and Endicott College’s annual Endicott Day were each fundamental in cultivating the message Rocky Arts Unfolded expresses today, as they were the company’s developmental roots.

Professor Tali Silver was the first to introduce me to the concept of personal metaphorical rocks and the messages that could go along with them.Portrait of Tali Silver
Barbara Burgess-Maier in her studioProfessor Burgess-Maier encouraged me to find a specific focus which resulted in my first serious line of projects: charcoal drawings featuring origami models. For several years, I produced twelve new charcoal drawings featuring origami each year, and more are sure to come in future years!
Dean Mark Towner helped set me on the path to explore three-dimensional works. He also inspired me to explore the idea of a museum of art therapy, which would require me to exhibit and present my works to the public. His mentorship and encouragement provided skills very beneficial to me that I would later apply to Rocky Arts Unfolded.Portrait of Dean Towner and Lisa in October 2014
Perspective view of the flowery Callahan CenterHowever, perhaps the greatest influence of all came from my participation in one of Endicott College’s Endicott Days. At one of these Endicott Days in the fall of 2001, shortly after 9/11, I was taught how to fold the origami crane and why it was so important as a global symbol for peace, healing, and happiness—three things the world desperately needed during this dark chapter in the lives of so many people. Later that day, I was eager to apply what I had learned, so I created a mobile featuring three of these folded cranes, and its elegance and beauty inspired me to make origami the focus of Rocky Arts Unfolded, with the healing power of the crane as one of its core signature pieces.

All of these influences, taken together, eventually gave rise to Rocky Arts Unfolded and helped it to become what it is now. Therefore, with credit to all the people who have influenced me and helped me to make Rocky Arts Unfolded a reality, I give my thanks and am proud to challenge all of you to find your secure rock of achievement, through Rocky Arts Unfolded!

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