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Logo Story

Rocks are beautiful and stable -- that is what we aim to be!

the maroon, turquoiuse and dust colored image trademark of Lisa B. Corfman A mixed-media block illustrating stability within rocky products, formed the official logo indirectly demonstrates what we stand for formed in 2008. Beginning with a 9 x 9 x 1 inch block of wood, Spray Mount Adhesive and three bags of artist sand, each was of a different color: maroon, turquoise and dust. After numerous test pieces on cardboard, the front 9 by 9 side of the block was sprayed with adhesive and carefully sprinkling with a layer of sand, non-adhering sand was emptied into a mixed leftovers baggie. Additional layers of sand were sprinkled on in the same pattern to both ensure no wood would show through and enhance the rocky look. The whole piece was then scanned to become the diamond shape center within the logo. A computer generated pattern was added to complete the square logo design and to make the logo what it is today.
The foundation block now stands as a work of its own. Added to this authentic artwork at the 2008 date at is a golden spray-painted rock with a small gold crane resting on it attached to the maroon bottom portion of the wooden block. As well, card stock with exact scanned maroon color was printed and gold letters were attached to the paper, reading “Peace Gives Wings To Healing.” Sand was then scraped off, and this meaningful message was attached upon turquoise part of the wood. Miniscule imperfections and delightful beauty of this artwork exemplifying the logo’s meaning.wooden block enhanced with sand from which the logo image is based

Why: Imperfections or even disabilities make us stronger. Life is a process and though heavy at times, it has a beautiful light. We value the disabled and understand DISABLED to mean “Determined Individuals Striving And Beating Limitations Encountered Daily,” an acronym dating back to 1999 under an organization called the Disability Network. Rocky Arts Unfolded feels that we all begin by feeling disabled. We first, struggle, then blossom, and finally amaze with the final product. Lisa started folding origami, ran into a tough spot and then pursued this diverse artistic practice as a stable rock!

We invite you find and progress with your rock. It's the origami place!

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