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The words of our friends and followers as stated to the founder.

Silver origami earrings image"Your jewelry is more spectacular in person, than on the website!"
-- Dowling College's Professor of Special Education at an event for the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)

"You are a powerful force for the good and have been an inspiration to me."
-- Written from Robert Guillemin, nationally renowned Sidewalk Sam

Golden Crane Display “You set your sights on goals and achieve them. Your crane project is the prime example of that determination.”
-- Julie, Artists With Disabilities Task Force member

"Lisa is the magnet" expressing, at the first Open Studios event at Cambridge Focus, that I connect artists. "Knowing you, I trust all events were well attended and celebrated grandly," speaking of organizing many Open Studios.
-- Emeka Nwokeji, director of MRC's Consumer involvement program

"You always have such wonderful creative gatherings!"
-- Maria

"You are very enterprising."
-- Rufus, owner and inventor of Eye Think

Art samples image"Your artwork is beautiful and your poetry is inspiring."
-- Barbara articulated about the Rocky Arts calendar

I was commended on my artwork during an OrigamiUSA Convention.
-- Michael LaFosse, the prominent origami designer, teacher and origami book author

"You are so organized... I can't believe how organized you are!"
-- Dan Cohen said at OrigamiUSA's annual convention in New York, NY

"I have to thank you, Lisa, for helping me get organized."
-- Brandy Klopp at Gateway Arts

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