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Origami Books & CDs

Purchase your favorite books and CDs galore! We have several origami goldfish books, and an Origami Who's Who call. We have written and spoken word featuring origami available as an audio CD and on YouTube. Calendars are here too. The book Origami Poems, Pictures & Folds is coming soon! Please pre-order!

Goldfish Project Books

Goldfish print FREE printable books! Learn about the goldfish project here.

Origami Who's Who

Take our survey to be honored here!
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Wall Calendars

The Wall Calendar project started in 2006 and we have quite a selection. View wall calendar editions and the calendar request form here. Front cover of the 2015 Calendar

Origami Music

Origami disk imageOrigami song, poetic word, origami inspired lectures and films are viewable here on YouTube. They are sure to be a fun watch.

Upcoming Book

Origami Poems, Pictures & Folds:

Multiple Mediums of Hand-Drawn Diagrams, Charcoal Drawings & Poems Featuring the Models.

Discover art about other art, about more art! With folded origami models by 13 masters, there are hand-drawn diagram-folding instructions on each spread. Relax with charcoal drawings of each model and connected poetry. You can make your own complimentary models. Featuring 11 sections including Pets and Apparel, this showcases 77 origami models. Each section begins with a poem and representationally drawn origami models. Discover within each section, 77 spreads, with art about other art, all about unveiled origami! See more here.

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