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Fine Origami Jewelry

Fine Origami Jewelry is delicate, quality, wearable art. We have earrings, necklaces and pendants here. Matching sets are available. Earrings are tailored to your preference of pieced earrings or clip-ons.

All Earring Styles

Crane Healing ~ Fish ~ Sailboats ~ Butterflies ~ Christmas Stockings ~ Dreidels
Patterns do vary

Origami Crane Healing Jewelry

Order Cranes Here

Origami crane earrings on metal tree fixture
Earring Variety on Display
Silver Crane Earrings
Our Silver Earrings
Blue-Black patterned crane earrings in packaging
Blue with Black Earrings
Gray and pink crane earrings in packaging
Gray with Pink Bead Earrings
pale yellow crane earrings in packaging
Pale Yellow Earrings

Origami Fish Jewelry

Order Fish Here

Fish earrings stacked
Red fish earrings in packaging
Red Fish Earrings
Pink fish earrings in packaging
Pale Pink Fish Earrings
Bronze fish earrings in packaging
Bronze Colored Fish Earrings

Origami Sailboat Jewelry

Order Sailboats Here

Sailboat earrings

Origami Butterfly Jewelry

Order Butterflies Here

Butterfly earrings
Orange butterfly earrings in packaging
Orange Butterfly Earrings
Green butterfly earrings in packaging
Green Butterfly Earrings
Blue butterfly earrings in packaging
Blue Butterfly Earrings
White-Patterned butterfly earrings in packaging
White-Patterned Butterfly Earrings
Pink butterfly earrings in packaging
Pink Butterfly Earrings
Red-Marbled butterfly earrings in packaging
Red-Marbled Butterfly Earrings

Origami Christmas Stocking Jewelry

Order Christmas Stockings Here

Butterfly earrings

Origami Dreidel Jewelry

Order Dreidels Here

Dreidels in packaging
Black dreidel earrings in packaging
Black Dreidel Earrings
Dark blue dreidel earrings in packaging
Dark Blue Dreidel Earrings
Green dreidel earrings in packaging
Green Dreidel Earrings
Light blue dreidel earrings in packaging
Light Blue Dreidel Earrings
Magenta dreidel earrings in packaging
Magenta Dreidel Earrings
Purple dreidel earrings in packaging
Purple Dreidel Earrings

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