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Our Growing Collection
Kami = Origami Paper | Plastic = A Durable Material

KamiPlastic Goldfish Necklace
Goldfish #7
KamiPlastic Thumb Puppet Necklace
Cool: Pig Thumb Puppet #18
KamiPlastic Sports Jersey Necklace
Sport Jersey #20
KamiPlastic Happi Coat Necklace
Happi Coat #21
Happi Coat
KamiPlastic Cicada Necklace
Cicada #22
KamiPlastic Inkwell Necklace
Inkwell #23
Cherryl Moote
KamiPlastic Carp Necklace
Carp #24
KamiPlastic Origami USA Boat Necklace
OrigamiUSA Boat #25
KamiPlastic Elephantis Abstractum Necklace
Elephantis Abstractum #26
Robert Neale
KamiPlastic Owl Necklace
Owl #27
Robert Neale
KamiPlastic Two-Fold Santa Necklace
Two-Fold Santa #29
Paula Versnick
KamiPlastic Jumping Grasshopper Necklace
Jumping Grasshopper #32
KamiPlastic Chick Necklace
Chick #33
KamiPlastic Toro The Bull Necklace
Toro The Bull #34
KamiPlastic Mood Indicator Necklace
Mood Undicator Crab #37
KamiPlastic Star Necklace
Star #41
Nick Robinson
KamiPlastic Simple Sunfish Necklace
Simple Sunfish #48
KamiPlastic Mushroom Necklace
Mushroom #52
Matt Slayton
KamiPlastic Christmas Stocking Necklace
Christmas Stocking #53
KamiPlastic Icicle Necklace
Icicle #54
Florence Temko
KamiPlastic Loving Smile Necklace
Loving Smile #55
Lisa B. Corfman
KamiPlastic Support Ribbon Necklace
Support Ribbon #56
Quanah C. Becanti
KamiPlastic Shirt Necklace
Shirt #59
Jeff Cole
KamiPlastic Turkey Necklace
Turkey #64
Gay Merrill Gross
KamiPlastic Candle Necklace
Candle #65
Lisa B. Corfman
KamiPlastic Tulip Necklace
Tulip #70
KamiPlastic Japanese Flag Necklace
Japanese Flag #71
Lisa B. Corfman
KamiPlastic Kickboard Necklace
Kickboard #72
Lisa B. Corfman
KamiPlastic Dolphin Necklace
Dolphin #73
Lisa B. Corfman
KamiPlastic Stop Sign Necklace
Stop Sign #74
Lisa B. Corfman
KamiPlastic Nun Necklace
Nun #76
Lisa B. Corfman

Please take a peek at more KamiPlastic creations, too!
Clocks and our selection of pieces for jewelry and more... as Western Zodiac Signs and as Pets, Sealife, Bird & Bats, Wild Animals, Insects, Apparel, Vehicles of Travel, that of Mother Nature, Human-Made, Symbolic Works and Holiday Themes.

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