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We offer a range of educational and fun origami and multi-media connected classes. Generally a class is an opportunity to learn about a subject in more than one sitting and gain knowledge in the subject offered. You can even discover our origami class syllabus! Read on if you are interested in a class or would like to request one.

Upcoming Classes

I teach art and sometimes origami to 1st to 3rd graders. Here is class listing calendar!

Here are other class offerings:

  • Selling Your Art - Private Lessons at your choice of location
    This is an interactive class where you will gain the information you need to sell your art. We will cover different outlets from Etsy to art fairs, understanding pros and cons of consignment and wholesale and learn other sales basics to gain a competitive edge. First, you will get to know each other, then build your portfolio. Together we will learn and get started with current media technologies and their benefits. In the fourth class, and touched on throughout, you with be briefed on key marketing concepts. In the fifth class, you with take the stage and give a marketing presentation about your art. Finally, we conclude by having a fun social party to relax and network. In the end, you will have the tricks necessary to sell your creative trade.

    Teacher Bio: Lisa has a BFA in Fine Arts and an Advanced Certificate in Marketing. She has 10 years of retail experience, and 9 years of trying practice as the entrepreneur of Rocky Arts Unfolded which covers a very small niche market. She believes that the skills necessary to be a successful businessperson are not inherent to artists, but can be taught. Portfolio elements can be found at www.RockyArtsUnfolded.com which publicly showcases her work.

    More info and registration please email me here.

Our Syllabus

View our 'Origami Exploration' class overviewing syllabus here!

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