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Clubs & Meetings

We love being your friend, and playing ping-pong with ideas. That is what clubs and meetings are about. Find your perfect club!

FUN Origami Club, Discount and Combo Memberships

Come join! Any donation for signup is appreciated, but certainly not required. To become a member submit to PayPal here.

When submitting by PayPal, please note:

  • That you are signing up to be a member and for what specific type.
  • Your full name.
  • Your address, email or phone.
  • Your membership start date.
  • Remember: Club membership is a sugessted $20, Discount membership is $10 and Combo is $25.
Origami Club info
  • FUN Origami Club Member: Understand fun Origami! And fold. Make boxes, toys, animals, holiday gifts, mobiles, and even fold with balloons!
    Location: Kerem Shalom,
    659 Elm Steet, Concord, MA, (617) 308-2573
    2nd Sunday’s - 10:30am to 12:00pm
    Suggested $20 Annual Membership
  • Discount Member: 10% off regularly priced items at Etsy, Art Fairs, and other select personal locations.
    $10 Annual Membership
  • Combo Member: FUN Origami Club and Discount Member.
    $25 Annual Membership
  • Annual Party: For Hanukkah with gift exchange
    Sugessted $10 for non-members

Origami Groups in America

For a comprehensive list of local origami groups (clubs) in the USA with their meeting information at OrigamiUSA's website, click here.

The RAD Art Club - Now by Appointment

Why are we Radical? We love our disability or challenge - it doesn't stop us! This means we are Determined Individuals Striving And Beating Limitations Encountered Daily, the D in RAD. We sift through the rocks, learn from each other and as a team discover the gems as the Fun, Artistic Success Centered Club under Rocky Arts Unfolded or in short RA. So that makes us The RAD Art Club!


Outside the Concord Free Public LibraryLocation: Concord Free Public Library - the Trustees Room | 129 Main Street | Concord, MA 01742
Date & Time: First Thursday of the month, 4pm-6pm (Beginning Jan. 8, 2015 - we couldn't do New Year's Day!)
Contact: Lisa B. Corfman | Lisa@RockyArtsUnfolded.com

Our final meeting was Thursday, July 2, 2015 from 4-6pm and featured our special guest presentor Elissa Barr. With 30 years of experience as a professional calligrapher, we learned how she became the success she is and build on our portfolios.

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