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Inspirational Commission Ideas

Possibility Examples

  • Projects with 1000 Cranes: see an idea here.
  • Keepsake Cranes - Durable Keepsake: Ask us to put any message photo inside the waterproof wings.
  • Charcoal drawings and paintings of Origami: Ask us to draw or paint your origami to use freely. You can also seek a custom size and format for an existing artwork.
  • Paper: We can create "word designs" for your event paper. Customize origami paper with words to relay a short message for your unique occasion.
  • Installation Pieces: Everything with LisaGami Origami is one exhibit piece, The Golden Crane Display is another. The greatest element of The Golden Crane Display's magnificence is that it contains One-Thousand spiritual cranes. There is even a recipe including the many ingredients to create this exhibit piece. It is a lengthy project, but it can be taught. This and other items commissioned for rent or purchase.
  • Diagrams: Commission us to draw your origami diagrams.
  • Movie making: Ask us to create a short film like the videos on our YouTube channel.
  • Actual Origami Models: ask us to make lots of origami models for party favors.
  • Origami Writings: Ask us to write and/or record origami inspired poetry for your cause or special occasion.
  • Handy Star Boxes This is an example of a model able to be made in durable plastic.
  • Your Origami Rocks: Have us decorate rocks with your origami theme!
  • Fine Origami Jewelry: Pick your favorite origami model and ask us to create your dainty and elegant fine origami jewelry, whether earrings, charms, pins, or anything else!
  • KamiPlastics: KamiPlastics are a durable, paper-plastic, water resistant jewelry and more choice with loads of model, color, and usage options; from a zodiac clock, earrings, necklaces, pendants, pins to magnets, those are known usage choices here. Commissions welcome!
  • Decorative Coat Hooks: Tell us what you want; we can give our standard coat hooks a personalized look for you. An illustration here.
  • Placemats: request any images on this site and we will turn into a placemat or 10, so long as the origami designer permits.
  • Crane In Heart: Illustration here.
  • Swaps: See examples here. Presently when have run numerous swaps with Artist Trading Cards (ATCs). You can commission us to organize your swap! Learn more in our gallery here.
  • Auctions: See details here.


We will send you a quote or response for further information within 48 hours. All commissions require 21 days' notice: Two weeks for development and one week for delivery. Rush commissions are accepted but subject to an additional charge.

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