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Web Presence

Here are some handy links to see our web presence.

Our Sites

Click Here for Viewing most in Entirety: All Rocky Arts Unfolded web presence as of Fall 2013 is captured on our Facebook page in full.

The Crane's Nest diagram appears for sale with a lovely story on OrigamiUSA's file download system.

RADIO SPOT-LIGHT! Aired October 3, 2016, please enjoy listening. Lisa is the first person interviewed for just under 8½ minutes by the Talking Information Center called TIC Network at the Abilities Expo.

Commemorative origami answers to Lisa's inquiries written by David Lister, now in his memory is on the British Origami Society tribute page.

The Solo Origami Art Exhibition page is a successful Kickstarter project with 3 interesting videos and loads of pictures; it is a must see!

A short article about LisaGami this article was the press release for a solo exhibition that brought Lisa and a lifetime friend together.

The Endicott College exhibition profiled in this press release is a curatorial project showing that disabilities do not inhibit art, is the honored work of Lisa B. Corfman.

Read this article to uncover strengths of artists with disabilities, featuring an Art Fair exclusive to artists with disabilities under the umbrella of a government agency and mostly organized by chairperson Lisa B. Corfman.

A Topic of Curiosity: Traditional origami models.

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