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Workshops are like classes, but each is simply a one session class and they are a good opportunity to meet people and learn something new. We teach workshops at libraries, camps, schools, museums and out in the public. Sometimes a workshop occurs where we have exhibits. Workshops are a fun, learning experience
with benefits to all!

Upcoming Workshops:

Truro Public Library (North Truro, MA)
Origami Fun. Tues, August 6, 2019 (10:30am)

Falmouth Public Library (Falmouth, MA)
2 Origami Fun Workshops. Wed, August 7, 2019 (2-3pm for 7-10 years & 3:30-5pm for 10-14 years)

Concord Free Library (Concord, MA)
Peace Crane Origami. Thurs, September 12, 2019 (6:30-8:30pm for adults)

Private lessons available. We hope you can make it to our fun workshops!

Workshop Offering Details

As an origami professional from Maynard, MA, that has focused on origami art spanning multiple media since 2001, I am interested in teaching an origami workshop at your site. I have taught 90+ origami workshops for all ages at schools, libraries, museums and camps. Regularly, I teach art afterschool at an elementary school in Wayland, MA. Please inquire.

Some Teaching Detail Options:

Potential Education Focuses

  • Origami Fun: Experiment with paper with the technique of paperfolding called origami. Learn some tricks and techniques while you fold your own unique origami. Come and have fun!
  • Peace Crane Origami: Hear the peace crane tale, and then fold with paper, plastic and metal.
  • Summer Origami: Plant some seeded paper in an origami container to will make. Fold designs like flowers and birds to decorate your plant box.
  • Musical Origami: You will hear a song about a green origami goldfish, then fold 3 mini-books that tell all about it, fold the goldfish and even fold a piano.
  • Fall Origami: Fold leafs, pumpkins, torches, ghosts, bats, turkeys and more.
  • Winter Origami: Fold your ornate snowflakes, icicles, candles and more.
  • Valentine’s Origami: Fold various heart designs and make an envelope to gift them in.
  • Judaic: We will learn the origami Torah, fold a fortune telling where we can write Jewish sayings, and fold the Star of David which could be the centerpiece to Jewish cards you can decorate. Holiday themes available. I will showcase the meaningful Remembrance Crane, the Dove of Peace greeting cards and dreidel earrings. The subjects are the initial ideas; other requests welcome.

Lisa Provides: Diagrams packets for attendees, folding tools, origami paper.
Requested: Tables and seats. I work best when tables are put in a “U” shape, so everyone can see and learn.
Lisa Accommodates: 15 patrons, $5 more per additional patron per hour.
Workshop Compensation: $100 per hour. Additional travel compensation is appreciated.
Travel stipend: 1 hour commute is $25

Multiple sessions would be at a lower cost, but more frequent.

Teaching References:
Available upon request

Our Legacy of Workshops:

Totaling 90+ presentations, the founder of Rocky Arts Unfolded taught workshops at 30+ locations on 20+ subjects between August 1998 and March 2019. Subject she covered include art, origami, kirigami, artist trading cards, balloon twisting, history, culture, therapy, poetry, sound, exhibit installation, jewelry, graphic design, aerodynamics, nature, geometry, printmaking, typography, math, design, sculpture and physics. See if one suites you!

See the full legacy details here.

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