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Goldfish Project

Goldfish print

FREE printable book paper!  Follow the book folding diagram.

Learn all about the goldfish project or order on Etsy.

The book Worried Origami Goldfish Sam with the story and song in two languages, English and Hebrew, is coming soon!  It showcases six mural artworks in downtown Maynard with support from the Maynard Cultural Council and other supporters.

Story teaser... "A folded goldfish, Sam is scared by his green color, but comes to realize he has a gold heart and is valuable."

The Jewish Travel Experience

Seen in the Paper, the magazine of OrigamiUSA, I tell the story Origami Builds Bridges Worldwide.  You may read more in this detailed Inspiring Travels PDF version.

The full book will be coming soon.  This is the Table of Contents:

  • Travel Literature Overview
  • Preparations for an Israel Trip
  • Israel Experience
  • Jewish Teachings
  • Worldly Experience
  • Creative Aftermath
  • Traveling Resources
  • Brief Hebrew Reference

Origami disk imageOrigami Music

Origami song, poetic word, origami inspired lectures and films are viewable on YouTube. Enjoy the fun watch.

Memorable Origami: Fold Origami Models While Learning Hebrew

Fold dozens of simple origami models, while learning creative vocabulary through the English, Hebrew and transliteration.  Full color step-folds make folding easy!

Creative Gematria Ideas

Discover first an origami connection to the creator with the values of Hebrew letters and everything else... unique numeral connections between separate words create a bond called GEMATRIA!

Jewish Crafts Projects: Fun, Simple and Jewish Creating

Projects by the author, Lisa B. Corfman:

  • Origami Shabbat Candle on a stand
  • Capillary Acton Butterfly, the parpar
  • Israel Sand Art
  • Origami Torah in crafted ark
  • Omer Counter

Projects by Elana:

  • Shabbat Beez Wax Candle
  • Duct Tape Kiddish Cup
  • Painted Kidduch Cup Container
  • Apple and Honey Dish

Projects by Mary:

  • Metal Embossing
  • Shalom and Custom Craft Stick Puzzles
  • Ark and Sun-Catchers

Sewing Projects by Tayech:

  • Piggie Tzedakah Pouch
  • Spice bag
  • Israel Flag Tapestry
  • Star of David Bookmark

ABC's: Inspiring Artists

Enter to be featured as an Artist Beyond Challenges (ABC) and be an inspiring artist!

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Origami Who's Who

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Wall CalendarsFront cover of the 2015 Calendar

The Wall Calendar project started in 2006 and we have quite a selection. View wall calendar editions and request form.

Upcoming: Origami Poems, Pictures & Folds


Discover art about other art, about more art! With folded origami models by 13 masters, there are hand-drawn diagram-folding instructions on each spread.  Relax with charcoal drawings of each model and connected poetry.  You can make your own complimentary models.  Featuring 11 sections including Pets and Apparel, this showcases 77 origami models.  Each section begins with a poem and representationally drawn origami models. Discover within each section, 77 spreads, with art about other art, all about unveiled origami!  See our book models.