From a little girl to present, art fills me with joy formed by the tender care of family and friends.  This inspiration brought me to study the visual arts at Endicott College, class of 2004, where I discovered my passion of origami and received my BFA.  Upon graduating, a domino of experiences directed me on my path.  Then, in 2011, I weeded through all my works, created a business structure so I could happily share my goods or ‘rocks’.  In 2014, with that knowledge, I built my website and success budded.  In 2019, I found my place, Origami Place!


At Origami Place, we make, sell, teach and showcase origami arts.  One of the goals of the Origami Place (formerly Rocky Arts Unfolded) is to enable the struggling individual to have a secure “Rock” of achievement to build a sturdy foundation.  Here, we strive to help you find your creative “Place” to learn and create. These concepts shape the company’s growth filled philosophy.  Whether your life is rough or smooth, whether it contains shades grays, blacks, whites, or a broad array of vibrant color, each person’s rock is their core; a unique place of hope and achievement, and we hope you will have discoveries galore.

Birth-1999: Childhood

Born in 1980, at the age of 5 Lisa recognized herself as an artist.  At age 10, she participated in the competitive “I Can Do It” contest and was one of the winners.  There, she was published and began exhibiting publicly.  In middle school, Lisa began taking extracurricular art classes regularly.  In high school, with confidence, Lisa was proud to start teaching art workshops.

1999-2004: Endicott beginnings

In August 1999, Lisa matriculated to Endicott College (EC) and started studying art professionally.  In her second year, a professor requested one of her artworks and she made her first artwork sale.  In her third year, Lisa learned to fold the origami crane, that folded bird’s significance of peace and long-life.  Then, she began connecting with origami.  She started writing poetry about art; later her poems would focus on origami.  A professor said, “draw what you love” and her series of charcoal drawings with an origami theme matter was born.  At her time at EC, Lisa volunteered, interned and worked at museums and formed a desire to create museum work.  Lisa studied the concept of a rock (a physical object) as an item to center oneself.  This would later ground her in her goals.  In May 2004 with a basic professional overview, Lisa received her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts.

2004-2011: Early Professional Years

Entering the work force, Lisa experienced an array of career opportunities.  First, she was referred to work at a camp for individuals with challenges, which would lead to one thing and then the next experience.  From work at Easter Seals Camp Hemlocks, then live-in Home Health Aide work, next followed involvement with VSA Arts.  Lisa found funding through Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC), gained additional art training at Gateway Arts, then she grew with membership at the Entrepreneurs’ Club, and finally held a 5-year position as chairwoman for Artists Beyond Challenges (ABC).  With these experiences came success.  Accomplishments at ABC featured organizing two exhibitions, facilitating and running nine open studios and designing four wall calendars for ABC featuring members’ art with a print-count of 3,000 copies each year.

Early on, during this time, Lisa launched Rocky Arts as her business.   She began selling at craft fairs and started retailing in 2006 at Gateway Arts.  That year, Lisa joined the national organization OrigamiUSA where she connected with origami masters and enthusiasts. Between 2004-2010, she created 77 charcoal drawings with origami themes.  This time allowed Lisa to form the business' specialties.

2011-2014: Securing our ‘Rock’ and preparing to move forward

In 2011, Lisa began independent work in clarifying her company’s origami business direction.  In doing this, Lisa moved to New York to obtain a graduate level marketing certificate.  Professional graduate work involved writing business and marketing plans, while structuring and enhancing origami materials under guidance, and then interning as Marketing Manager at the New York Art Connection.  At the school, Lisa led presentation to the Council for Exceptional Children and was a representative for the Art Club.  While involved with the art club she did new art, inspiring a new line of colorful paintings which mirrored her style of charcoal drawings featuring origami.  This was enhanced by her membership and feedback at Wet Paints Studio Group.  She made a presentation that tells her artist story on YouTube.  Upon completion of her post-baccalaureate education in June 2014, Lisa returned to her home state of Massachusetts.

2014-Present: Finding my Origami Place

With a strong educational foundation, Lisa built and developed the original Rocky Arts Unfolded website.  In the Boston area, art endeavors continued with exhibitions, art fairs, retailing at stores widely and teaching origami.  Craftsmanship included creating origami jewelry and handcrafted art, making useful origami models, and producing and publications and supplies.  In 2017, the Maynard Cultural Council (MCC) awarded Lisa’s company a grant for the Goldfish Art Project featuring permanent public origami inspired art.  In 2019 the MCC also awarded a grant for the Remembrance Crane Project establishing an origami item of peace.

Finally, in 2019, Rocky Arts Unfolded entered a new front and the Origami Place logo was created.  The organization found its place between 2019 and 2020 and rebranded as Origami Place.  Here, we welcome everyone to discover paperfolding, material galore... please enjoying our makings, teachings, showcased art, and perhaps you will find something to purchase!

Thank you!