Installation Art

For your special exhibition, event, workplace gathering, home or other spatial need, beautiful origami sculptures can be ordered for rent or even as a purchase.

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$30 truck fee + $1.25 per mile
Setup - $30 per hour
Rent - $30 per month

The rental cap to own is the purchase price

The 23 Crane Display

Purchase value $1,000 plus delivery and setup | Rental Option
32" long by 40" high by 3.5" deep

The 23 Crane Display was built elegantly by Lisa B. Corfman at the age 23 years and
guess how many cranes it displays? Twenty-three! As part of Lisa's thesis project, this artwork is an illustration of our fundamental beginning.

Front view of 23 crane display

Straight On View

Angled view of 23 crane display

Depth Proven










Purchase value $5,000 plus delivery and setup | Rental Option
"ORIGAMI" includes black foam mounting 92" long by 24" high by 7" deep

Image of the folded word ORIGAMI

The Golden Crane Display

Purchase value $10,000 plus delivery and setup | Rental Option
24" square base by 66" high

The Golden Crane Display majestically contains 1,000 (One-Thousand) spiritual cranes, 12 plaques containing exchangeable feature art pieces, 20 unique ground weights and a zen masterpiece! Shhh... there is even a recipe including the many ingredients to create The Golden Crane Display, meaning can be taught.

The Golden Crane Display as first constructed

As first constructed

A plaque hightlight from The Golden Crane Display

A plaque highlight

A recent view

2011 view on exhibit

Looking up at The Golden Crane Display

View from the base looking up

Watercolor highlight on The Golden Crane Display

Watercolor detail

Base of The Golden Crane Display

The base with special weights