Please share what interests you!  Do you want a custom product or service?  We offer distinct items from our gallery and customize work from your dreams or desires - those not available in our shop.  You may order seasonal items, various items for upcoming events or something unique you would like for yourself or someone special.  So, commission us!

Commission Samples

Inspirational Projects

From seasonal items, to event decorations, to crane projects, to Judaic art, or visual arts, publications and supplies or interaction services, ask for something for yourself or someone special... we work to meet your needs and we are happy to answer any question.  Just let us know how we can help you!

  • Visual Art
    • Origami Drawings, Paintings and Photography: Ask us to draw, paint or photograph a new piece of origami or ask for a custom size and format for an existing artwork.
    • Installation Pieces: From our gallery or your imagination, you can commission us for rent or purchase.
    • Origami Models: We can make loads of origami models for party favors.
    • Origami Rocks: Have us decorate rocks with your origami theme.
    • Fine Origami Jewelry: Pick your favorite origami model and ask us to create your dainty and elegant fine origami jewelry, whether earrings, charms, pins, or anything else!
    • Mini-Origami-Trinkets: Order play jewelry, custom clocks, magnets and more, choosing your models, colors, and presentation.
    • Decorative Coat Hooks
    • Placemats: Do you like our gallery art?  Customize a placemat with an origami theme.
    • Crane In Heart
  • Publications & Supplies
    • Origami Paper: We can create printable origami paper with a custom look.
    • Diagrams: Commission us to draw your origami diagrams.
    • Origami Writings: We can write and/or record origami inspired poetry for your cause or special occasion.
    • Movie making: Ask us to create a short film like the videos on our YouTube channel.
  • Interactive
    • Swaps: See the descriptive sample swap, peek at our numerous swaps of Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) and commission us to organize your ATC, pin or other swap.
    • Auctions


We will send you a quote or response for further information within 48 hours.  All commissions require 21 days' notice: Two weeks for development and one week for delivery.  Rush commissions are accepted but subject to an additional charge.


We can do many things, but if you have a project that is not something we can handle, we offer referrals from tiny to enormous projects.  We do ask for acknowledgement with any press involvement.  Our fees are:

  • $10 for projects under $100
  • $15 for projects under $250
  • $20 for projects under $500
  • $35 for projects under $1000
  • $50 for projects under $5000
  • 1% for projects more than $5000

Commission Consultation Form