Peace Cranes

  • Plastic Cranes: With our Keepsake Cranes, ask us to put any message photo inside the waterproof wings.
  • Metal Cranes: Epoxy option to add detail.
  • Paper Cranes: As ornaments, cranes as flower blossoms, lit up on LED lights, and so much more - just ask.

Projects with One-Thousand Cranes

We have 18 sets of 1000 origami cranes. We would like the origami cranes to spread beauty to the world. We have ideas, but welcome more powerful uses by you.

Possibilities include:

  • Crane Chain Kits: Paint was string chains of 10 cranes. Kits include 10 cranes, 3 colors of paint, a paint brush, floral wire, a fancy bead, assembly directions and diagrams teaching how to fold more cranes. The kit is a fun-filled activity for ages 6+ for any cause.
  • Holiday Crane Lights: We bring peace with sets of LED crane lights. It the lights are colored, white cranes glow the color of the lights. With white lights, the cranes with glow in your selected color.
  • Keepsake crane: a single crane on a stand.
  • And YOUR ideas!

Here are sample images:

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