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To have a model, you have to have something to fold into the model. Paper is the key element needed in the act of folding. The paper can make or break the final appearance of an origami piece. Patterns, thickness, texture and the folds all affect the resulting origami model. As the paper artist you strive to make an effective overall look of the origami creation. Choice of paper is important. Here, we have Rocky Essence Paper, Origami Greeting Paper, Custom Greeting Paper and Crease Pattern Paper.


Rocky Essence Paper

Rocky Essence Paper not only captures the semi-symmetrical beginning logo of a rocky Origami Place beautifully, but portrays the crane and many other models in a very desirable fashion. View and print here.

Origami Greeting Paper

View the paper by clicking on your printable choice.

Custom Greeting Paper

Custom Word Paper relay a short message for your unique occasion of your wording. Commission us for pennies.

Printable Paper in memory of Barbara Lenz

Crease Pattern Paper

Crease Pattern Paper is paper with a somewhat abstract specific linear design, specifically a Crease Pattern (CP) is the line design creases form seen on paper from an unfolded origami model and is made up of the valley and mountain fold shapes. Sometimes hand generated by drawing on the paper, this line design or CP can also be illustrated through computer programs.