Our Mission, Slogan & Values

This describes what we strive to do!


At Origami Place, we make, sell, teach and showcase origami arts embracing paper’s wonders.  We strive to bring the excitement of origami to all, and for everyone to find ways to grow, achieve and enjoy our origami goods and services.


Discover paperfolding, materials galore!


The acronym for our values is a Fun CARR, and it drives us!

  • Fun: Family friendly and enjoyable for all ages.


Creativity: About ideas, welcoming change and innovation.

Artistic Rendering: About good aesthetics with beautifully done products, setup and general presentation.

Reliability: Time-sensitive, keeping promises involving all parties.

Respect: Feeling for the needs of others including privacy and dignity.

In traveling in our Fun CARR, we act Professional, Positive, and Respectful.