We teach workshops at libraries, camps, schools, museums and out in the public.  Workshops are similar to classes, but they simply are a one session opportunity to learn a skill and to meet people.

Upcoming Workshops:

No workshops are currently offered in person, given to health crisis.  However, zoom workshops and social distanced workshops are available upon request.

Private lessons available.  You may request a workshop. We hope you can make it to our fun workshops!

Workshop Offering Details

As an origami professional from Maynard, MA, that has focused on origami art spanning multiple media since 2001, I am interested in teaching an origami workshop at your site. I have taught 100+ origami workshops for all ages at schools, libraries, museums and camps. Regularly, I teach art in an elementary school’s extended day program.  Please inquire.

Teaching Option Details

  • Origami Fun: Experiment with paper with the technique of paperfolding called origami. Learn some tricks and techniques while you fold your own unique origami. Come and have fun!
  • Peace Crane Origami: Hear the peace crane tale, and then fold with paper, plastic and metal.
  • Summer Origami: Plant some seeded paper in an origami container to will make. Fold designs like flowers and birds to decorate your plant box.
  • Musical Origami: You will hear a song about a green origami goldfish, then fold 3 mini-books that tell all about it, fold the goldfish and even fold a piano.
  • Fall Origami: Fold leafs, pumpkins, torches, ghosts, bats, turkeys and more.
  • Winter Origami: Fold your ornate snowflakes, icicles, candles and more.
  • Valentine’s Origami: Fold various heart designs and make an envelope to gift them in.
  • Judaic: We will learn the origami Torah, fold a fortune telling where we can write Jewish sayings, and fold the Star of David which could be the centerpiece to Jewish cards you can decorate. Holiday themes available. I will showcase the meaningful Remembrance Crane, the Dove of Peace greeting cards and dreidel earrings. The subjects are the initial ideas; other requests welcome.

Visual Workshop Highlights

Teaching Request Information

  • Teacher provides: Diagrams packets for attendees, folding tools, origami paper.
  • Sight provides: Tables and seats. It works best when tables are put in a “U” shape, so everyone can see and learn.
  • Class accommodates: 15 patrons, $5 more per additional patron per hour.
  • Compensation: $100 per hour. Additional travel compensation is appreciated.
  • Travel stipend: 1-hour commute is $25
  • Multiple sessions would be at a lower cost, but more frequent.

Teaching references are available upon request


Totaling 100+ past presentations, view or full workshop legacy.