With swaps, you can trade one item to receive another, allowing people to get to know each other.  With some luck, a participant may give you something, and they might just want a smile back.  Here, we coordinate artist trading card (ATC) swaps and pin swaps often featuring origami.  We welcome new and returning swap participants!

We have arranged many origami community swaps and are happy to arrange a swap for you!

See our gallery of swapped artist trading cards!

Commission a swap:

See our Swap Guidelines for artist trading cards (ATCs).  For swaps, make your art to exchange and you will get a beautiful package of artworks including the tale our swap!

Historically, Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) originated in Switzerland as small editions, handmade the artist, not to be sold.

Our legacy of swaps:

We have both participated and organized origami pin and artist trading card 20+ swaps.

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