Swap Guidelines

--- Artist Trading Cards (aka ATC’s) are miniature works of art that are 2.5” x 3.5” (64mm x 89mm) in size.

--- Theme: Anytime…

--- Please create 9 cards, plus 1 for yourself to keep (it is better to keep one as a personal copy and not send it so you get first choice + it ensures you have one always in your possession) Nine(9) cards fit in a binder sleeve – you can get these sleeves at Staples

--- We request ATCs to fit into a baseball card sleeve for protection.

--- General recommendation: Use portrait (vertical) orientation rather than landscape (horizontal) style as that is the direction they commonly are viewed.

--- Since these are little art pieces, being aesthetic is important; specifically, glue can be hidden, tape cannot.

--- Question…Do they all need to be the same? This is also up to you. Some people like to make them all identical and some people make different kinds and stick with a theme of colors or model or style and others just make them all different. An ATC represents your artistry and yourself as an artist so make your own statement and most importantly have lots of fun doing it!

--- However, if you desire to create multiple sets, we ask that each set have a different design.

--- The aim is all about networking and meeting fellow artist, talking about your craft and your passion, so the universal answer to buying an ATC is a firm no.

--- Optional: It is nice share a little about yourself so please provide any information you would like others to know, such as a picture of yourself or a little statement about you, your rock, your interest, biography, etc. to be exchanged along with your cards, so we can all know who we are trading with.

--- The back is not typically art, it is documentation and should include, if possible:

Swap Name
Swap’s Location
Your name
Your business name, if applicable
Name of model(s) included
Named of the creator/designer of the model(s)
Any copyright info you wish to include
Contact info: direct mail, email, phone and/or website
Number in series: Ex. # 5 of 9 or 9/9
ATC Swap Dates:

Dates for:

Confirmed participation
To be received
Swapped on
Mailed out

Mailing Instructions: Please allow 5 business days for delivery if mailed in the USA – if not received on time for trade, they will be held by the organization for a later swap. Place each sets of 9 in a plastic zip-lock bag, with an address sticker on the outside of the bag. Remember to also place your cards in the plastic sleeves to protect your hard work and to ensure they are not damaged when swapped or mailed. Print your address clearly to ensure smooth delivery.

Mailing address for the swap.

To help facilitate the trade we require a meager $1.50 per traded set and $3.50 for shipping and handling.

Thank you and happy creativeness!

Lisa B. Corfman

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