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Items for Order

  • Fine Origami Earrings
    • Dreidels and Cranes
  • Keepsake Cranes: For Remembrance or Celebrations
    • Folded in plastic and paper with post, mini-stand or ornament addition
  • Painted Magnets Stars
    • Featuring the Star of David and/or Crane
  • Fine Art as Originals, Giclee & Greeting Cards
    • Available as paintings, drawings, collage and photography
    • For any occasions whether for Shabbat, condolence or something else unique
  • Diagrams
    • Dreidel, star of David, dove of peace, candle, shofar, etc.
  • Hebrew Work
    • The Jewish Travel Experience
    • Origami's Reflection of HaShem
    • Goldfish Song in Hebrew
    • Gematria learning Sheets

Services Offerings

Please inquire if you are interested in any of our services.

Art fairs – Exhibits – Clubs & meetings – Parties – Classes – Workshops – Retail

Jewish Themed Origami Education

Potential Workshop Title: Judaic Origami Fun

Description: We will learn the origami Torah, fold a fortune telling where we can write Jewish sayings, and fold the Star of David which could be the centerpiece to Jewish cards you can decorate. I will showcase the meaningful Crane of Remembrance and the Dove of Peace greeting cards and dreidel earrings. Come explore this unique art form!

I will provide: Diagrams packets for attendees, folding tools, origami paper.

Needed: Tables and seats. I work best when tables are put in a “U” shape, so everyone can see and learn.

One-time Compensation:  $100 per hour.

Additional travel compensation is appreciated.

I can accommodate: 15 patrons, $5 more per additional patron per hour.

Multiple sessions would be at a lower cost but more frequent.

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