Kindling Creativity

Motto: Let’s grow together!

Mission: Kindling Creativity the organizing structure for creative projects of goodness.

Currently, Lisa B. Corfman's projects, Origami Place, Origami Museum and Jewish Hope are Kindling Creativity.

  • Origami Place makes, sells, teaches, and showcases origami inspired art.
  • Origami Museum showcases origami fine artworks so you will love to fold with different origami materials for understanding, appreciation, and action.
  • Jewish Hope is where hope sparks creativity and conversation through art.

We invite you to inspire and say, "I am Kindling Creativity!"  If you support our Guiding Principles, you will.

Our Guiding Principles

Values: A Fun CARR

  • Fun: Family friendly and enjoyable for all ages.
  • Creativity: About ideas, welcoming change, and innovation.
  • Artistic Rendering: About good aesthetics with beautifully done products, setup, and general presentation.
  • Reliability: Time-sensitive, keeping promises involving all parties.
  • Respect: Feeling for the needs of others including privacy, dignity, and sensitivity to our uniqueness.

We act Professional, Positive, and Respectful, working towards togetherness and strength as a community.


  • To live by the Golden Rule:
    • “Love your neighbor as yourself” – Leviticus 19:18
    • “Do not do onto others, as you would not have done onto you”
  • To unite with a positive, constructive, creative hope for togetherness and strength.
  • To connect across different denominations, beliefs, and other differences.


  • Hope ~ Understanding ~ Our Community and Society ~ Unity ~ Positivity ~ Diversity ~ Creation.


  • To create a dialog, so individuals of varied opinions can shake hands with a few less negative acts and a few more acts of loving-kindness.

Creative Avenue

  • As a picture is worth 1000 words, and I feel “The power of creation is amazing." These are d'ver emet (words of truth) – Lisa B. Corfman.


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