Hebrew Editor (for two books)

For book 1, I am selling and distributing the manuscript.  I hoped to publish it in September or October, but it is important to do it right.  Although I would love to go with a publisher like ArtScoll, that would be hard and timely, so I may to self-publish.  Publisher outreach is a plus.  The two books are:

Worried Origami Goldfish Sam

  • The Hebrew is written but it needs to be proofed.  Those verses need to be edited and accurate.
  • I know the title in Hebrew is wrong, so that needs to be fixed.
  • Please add the full transliteration.

Memorable Origami: Fold Models While Learning Hebrew

  • There are two spreadsheets to proof, edit and complete.  Please proof and edit first.  Here are what is included in the Excel spreadsheets:
    • Model Vocab: 89 origami models to do origami with are listed.  There are 4 vocab areas for each.  The middle 2 vocab areas are the most important.
      • The number in the series
      • The 11 categories words
      • The origami model names
      • The creator of the model
    • Origami Vocab: 96 words with Hebrew and transliteration to check (the English and the origami category are listed)

The public information about the books are at https://origamiplace.com/books/.

Negotiable Compensation:

  • $25 or up to $50 for a good job
  • Credits in each book
  • A copy of each book:  If interested in a quantity I can probably offer the wholesale value (aka, the retailer discount)

Submit to Lisa B. Corfman at LBCorfman@gmail.com.  Peace, shalom and toda raba!