Story, Lyric & Art

"A folded goldfish, Sam is scared by his green color, but comes to realize he has a gold heart and is valuable."


  1. When Sam was born, he was made with life-giving folds as a beautifully folded creation. He came into the world as a goldfish.

Paper chosen at random, | For a folded surprise. | Didn’t know it was a goldfish, | ‘til green origami swam by.


  1. Other fish joined Sam. They were folded in a different color, and a different shape.  They were shiny and rounded.  They swam happily together in a school.  Sam wanted friendship.  He was new and young.  He wanted to belong.

Fish folded in copper, | They had quite a sheen. | School friends swam in a bathtub, | Fish felt he was part of the team!


  1. Sam looked at himself. He was green.  He screamed in surprise.  He wanted to be gold because he was a goldfish.  He did not like his color.  He felt different.  Sam wanted to be like the other fish.  He worried about who he was.  Although he was green, a scary color he thought, he wanted to be good inside and out.

He looked in the mirror, | And he saw he was green, | His reflection surprised him, | The result was a screeeeeam!


  1. In discovering himself he wondered why he was different, what made him green. Sam thought, I guess it is fine to be me, to be a goldfish who is special and unique.  As a goldfish his identity was with a golden heart.  As a fish of gold, he was a “dag zahav.”

He said – “Is it seaweed? | Is moss growing on me?” | He shrugged his fins and said - | I guess I’m just green!


  1. Sam let go of his doubts like an old scrub brush. He brought bubbles of goodness into the world.  He went out to make a difference, clean up muck and to lessen the ugly things that aren’t good in the world.  With green, environmental care, he strove to be good and worthy.  Sam’s decision was to take a kind and higher road.

He put down the scrub-brush. | Paper bubbles everywhere. | Transformed the mucky tub, | Into art for a high-end club!


  1. In being a good fish, working hard, valuing the moment, Sam realized he was magical. We realize each creature is magical.  Everyone is unique.  Sam stopped his worry.  Now, with real love and care, he is happy with himself.  He is proud to be giving, green, origami goldfish Sam!

You see, the unique is magical, | Skill n’  work go hand in hand. | And that’s the story of, | Origami Goldfish Sam!